The structure timber is very heavy hardwood and also immensely strong. The majority of timber is heartwood. The structure of wooden part is usually designed nature surface of wood also non sharp surface as smoothly. Wood protection technology and safe wood preservative help make the surface durable that wood surface removes burrs and sharp edges for all part before production playground.


Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a substantially linear polymer (polyethylene) which materials we’ve relied on for so many years. LLDPE has higher strength and higher impact and puncture resistance. It is very flexible and long lifetime, such as metal, concrete, and clay. Both in terms of products installation efficiency and long-term durability.  To increase the overall performance of plastic, Hahn Products are choosing many plastics type for some or all of the following advantages; slide, roof, panel, and accessories.


The metal and stainless parts are some of material. Products have higher strength and long term durability. Steel corrosion protection by painted rust-proof or treated with zinc coating and powder coat paint. Stainless steel the surface shiny, extremely durable and pleasure to be touch. Steel easily applied to clean surface that the metal components have long – lasting bright.


Non toxic paint wood stain colours are material selective for playground wood. Hahn Products used premium quality paint which suitable for our timber finishing, satinwood finish that provides a smoothly colour paint performs like premium synthetic paint, colour collection to bring out the best in beautiful wooden architecture.  It’s durable, provides great coverage. We choose non-toxic color to care about children health and safety environment.