February 20th 2011

HAHN supports Buddha Religion by providing a Buddha statue at the temple Wat Ban Kut Kla Noy, Tambol Semam, Sungnun District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

March 18th 2013

HANN donated many items to foundation. they can make more beneficial goods and value added products. eg. canvas tent, luggage, dolls ,cloths and books at Wat Suan Kaew, Pathum Thani Province.

February 14th 2015

The aim of HAHN PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is to support and develop children’s education to more good health, happy in sociality We donated playground set to Bann Nong Makok School. Wangjan District, Phetchaburi Province. 

March 1st 2015

HAHN hosted children’s lunch and donated many things to helps children without parental care and families living at Phayathaibabieshome Pakkred District, Nonthaburi Province.

June 20th 2015

HAHN continue promoting Buddhism especially the temple an away far from the town and city by money donation to build hall in a monastery temple at Poonomnang Abbeys Lomkhao District, Phetchabun province.

August 7th 2016

HAHN PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. support Constitution of Thailand which is scheduled to be the subject of a national referendum on 7 August 2016.

October 28-30th 2016

HAHN support community development project in countryside by donation HOT&COOL WATER MACHINE at Watmaikwangtong School, Khamtanot, Prachantakam District, Phachin Buri Province

June 30th 2016

Director of Division1 of Sector Industries Development, Department of Industrial Promotion visited HAHN PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. The project support by government for sustainable business growth model.

March 18th 2016

Students of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkabang the Major Product Design Industrial. They do “thesis” project in year 4 of University. They visited HAHN’s management who have experience’s sharing about toys and playgrounds for their thesis writing. 

May 12th 2016

Students of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkabang Major Product Design Industrial studies in year 3 of University. HAHN’s management interviewed 2016-2017 style of children toys future for their project.