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Our story began in Bangkok Thailand, over 25 years ago. Sanguansak Kanjanaparangura began to research and design of play- friendly wooden toys for 12 years, which gave him deep understanding children play environment, which gave him the grounds to establish Hahn Products Co.,Ltd. in 2001. He wanted to create a new kind of environment which would give them more strength and help them to develop their sense of balance at the same time.  Sanguansak Kanjanaparangura also wanted to make the equipment fun so that getting exercise would literally be child’s play. We believe that this benefits everyone, helping people of all ages to live more sociably, healthily and happily. We do not want to just fill playgrounds with toys and equipment; we want to make entire areas more play-friendly with funny and also importance safety for everyone.


Quality makes play safe. Our products are always in conformance with the latest safety standard. To ensure that our products are safe and long lasting. Our products are made from hardwearing materials and designed to fit in environment and adapt to the need of children. Our play equipment carefully designed contemplation of various ages. It also has been accepted and stand the test of time as play as well. Our products can be combined to make exciting solutions for a variety of environment. We design products that make play fun and educational at the same time. Even the more challenging kinds of fun must be safe.